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Published on August 14, 2018 - 2 minute read

We recently to switched to Telegram for communication from Slack. Telegram app is much faster than Slack on Mac. While using Telegram, we found that we were missing Laravel Forge’s deployment notifications feature, which was there on Slack.

So I went ahead & created this little tool for existing Forge users to receive deployment notifications on Telegram until there is an official implementation. And after working on it few days, Today, I am very happy to present you TeleNoty! 🎉 A free tool to receive deployment notification from Laravel Forge directly on Telegram.

TeleNoty Panel

How it works

TeleNoty sends you deployment notifications using our 🤖 TeleNotyBot, a Telegram bot. In order to receive deployment notifications, you will need to add a generated webhook inside your Laravel Forge panel. Then your Telegram users/team members will need to authorize themselves with our 🤖 TeleNotyBot to receive deployment notifications on there Telegram app.

Why Telegram & not Slack?

As a developer, we all have used/using Slack for communications between teammates & I use it too. It has a very rich feature set to work with. But it has one negative, it is built using electron, which kinda takes your website code & converts it to a full-blown desktop application. It sounds nice but generally, electron apps are resource hungry & use many resources compare native desktop apps.

So we tried an experience, switching to Telegram. Which has their native app on the Mac app store, and believe me Telegram app is lightning fast compared to Slack. Sure it has fewer features but it is free!

TeleNoty is a free tool, & it will be always free for Laravel community! If you have questions, please feel free to ask them on twitter at @swapnil_bhavsar.

Hope you will find it useful! Happy coding :)

Find TeleNoty here:

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